Starting with node.js

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Starting with node.js

Download node.js from here

Certainly! Learning **Node.js** is a great choice, and you can definitely start with courses even if you have a more recent version of Node.js installed. Let’s explore some options:

1. **Coursera** offers a variety of Node.js courses from top educational institutions and industry leaders. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, these courses are designed to fit your needs. Here are a few options:
– **IBM Developing Back-End Apps with Node.js and Express**: This intermediate course covers JavaScript, web development, and computer science¹.
– **IBM Full Stack Software Developer**: A comprehensive course that includes cloud computing, Python programming, and full-stack web development¹.
– **Coursera Project Network: Build a CRUD Node.js and MongoDB Employee Management Web-App**: An intermediate guided project to enhance your Node.js skills¹.

2. **Codecademy** offers a free course called **”Learn Node.js”**. It covers the components of a web application’s back-end and explores the Node.js JavaScript runtime environment. The course takes approximately 5 hours to complete⁵.

3. If you prefer a more interactive approach, **codedamn** provides an **”Interactive Coding Course with Node.js”**. It includes hands-on practice labs and projects to help you become proficient in Node.js³.

4. Additionally, there are free online courses available on platforms like **Udemy**, **Pluralsight**, **edX**, and **freeCodeCamp**. These courses can help you learn Node.js effectively².

Remember that Node.js versions evolve over time, but the core concepts remain relatively consistent. So, even if you’re using Node.js 21, the foundational knowledge from older courses (such as Node.js 10) will still be valuable. Happy learning! 🚀

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